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Lorrymover allows to check for delivery rate from types of package delivery with different price and different terms by booking delivery online.
All bookings include pick up service without additional charges. Tracking number and Delievery Note (DN) will be generated once booking is made. Just print it out, attach to your parcel and the courier rider will be there (by follow scehdule) to pick up your parcel. All orders are processed automatically with the courier through Lorrymover website.
Just make your delivery order online at and your selected package will pick up from your place.
Check out the magical ordering steps below:
Step 1: Register and Log in to your account
Step 2: Check rates by keying in the delivery postcode and item weight
Step 3: Choose your PickUp Date and your preferred and package needed.
Step 4: Key in your delivery details and click “Next”.
Step 5: Confirm your booking and click “Check Out”.
Step 6: Once order is confirmed, click on the “FPX payment” button.
Step 7: Print out the DN/, attach to your parcel and wait for parcel collection.
You have create an account which is recommended to register for an account with us before you book to enjoy member's rate and another rebate promotion.

It's very easy for you to register an account with us, it takes no time at all. The best part is, it's FREE!
If you have questions, you may refer to our FAQ or you may email us at for support assistance or for sales enquiry.
Yes, all items must be well packed to prevent unwanted damages. But if you come at our centre such as Taman Tasik Utama Ayer Keroh Melaka, or Puchong Indah Selangor, we provide charge to packaging.
If your parcel is sent within Peninsular Malaysia and if your parcel is sent from/to Sabah & Sarawak, you will have to print and attach the invoice along. , invoice is required. You can get the shipment invoices.
Parcel's weight can be calculated by actual weight or volumetric weight.

Actual weight is the weight of the parcel in kilogram(kg). Volumetric weight is calculated based on your parcel dimension. If your parcel is huge, you would need to calculate the volumetric weight using this calculator.

Parcel weight will be determined by either actual or volumetric weight (VW) or whichever is higher. VW also applies if either one dimension is above 30cm. Which is also [H x W x L (cm)] / 5000 = (result get in KG), So KG will muptiple to price per kg.
Your booked shipment will be cancelled automatically if you do not complete the payment within 24 hours. Other than that, your paid shipment will be cancelled if you do not hand over your booked shipment to the courier company 7 days after your collection date.

Pricing and Payment Enquiry

Pay-as-you-go: This payment method allows Lorrymover member and non-member to pay for your current delivery order amount. You can pay by credit card, online banking or eWallet.
The rates are inclusive of Fuel & Handling surcharge and Government Tax. Additional 6% GST charges will be imposed on your account amount.
There will be price fluctuation from time to time depending on the courier service provider due to fuel & handling surcharges. And change of currency rate/ government.

Collection and Delivery Enquiry

Services are available for domestic and international delivery. International delivery is available for shipments from Malaysia to other countries. On the our list country available.
Lorrymover provides same day before order come in before 3pm or next day pick up service depending on the courier we arrange. The courier representative will be at your doorstep according to the time listed under the courier service info. Usual collection time is within 1pm to 6pm but varies according to courier. Additionally, you have the option to schedule 7 days in advance when you want them to pick up your parcel.
For delivery in major cities, it usually takes one day (NEXT day) to complete delivery within Peninsular Malaysia. Meanwhile, it takes about 2-3 days for delivery to/from East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak). It might take longer if an address is categorized as out of delivery area (ODA), which may take 3-5 days.
You may report to us and we will chase up the courier. Or call technical support.
You may report to us and we will chase up the courier. Or call technical support.
First of all, We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Lorrymover is a platform that provides shipping solution and therefore we have no control over this.
Failed collection is very rare but this can still sometimes happen when a driver does not manage to find the address or was delayed and did not manage to complete their round due to traffic congestions or for some other reasons.

For this scenario, you're advised to:
1. Re-arrange your pick up date by reporting to us
2. Contact us for order cancellation and make a new order with different courier service.
Please contact us as soon as possible for us to assist you in the amendment. Amendment can only be made before 11am on the collection day or earlier.
Can cancel order . Please contact us to cancel your order but any amounts paid prior to your booking will not be refunded.
If this happens, your parcel will have to be put on hold until we receive your payment for the extra charges.

Insurance Enquiries

Depending on the courier company that we choosed for your delivery. Or our agent.
Your coverage will be handled by your courier's own insurance team; below is an outline of which courier has which insurance team:
Nationwide – NationCover, Airpak - Airpak Global Guard (AGG), KTMD – ktmd inssurance, DHL inssurance Please refer to individual courier's coverage page for more information.
Any loss or damage Coverage by Terms & Conditions.(except certain situations, as outlined below in the last enquiry section).
No responsibility for/or liability to shipper’s or consignee’s failure to comply with the T&C of the Buyer’s Protection Plan policy.
No responsibility for/or liability to shipper’s or consignee’s failure to comply with the T&C of the Buyer’s Protection Plan policy.

Insurance Buyer's Plan Purchasing Enquiries

At the user’s option, a user may arrange for and pay for the plan, This would override the initial coverage plan offered by the courier the user chose. Or call technical support to guide.
Yes, you have option want or not covered. It’s simple actually. You need an invoice for the covered goods (or anything similar to prove your item's actual value), along with photographs of the item/s (before and after packing).

Insurance Buyer's Plan Purchasing Enquiries

Therefore, clients are recommended to declare their consignments at the market value. Any claims for physical loss or damage towards shipments covered by the Buyer’s Protection Plan can be sent to our partners DHL, Nationwide, KTMD, GDEX or Airpak's respective webpages to be submitted.

Account Enquiry

Each user is limited to only ONE account. However, for business account you may have another one but you are required to submit your SSM to get special promotion.
Login into your account and click on 'My Account'. You can change your password.
Login into your account and click on 'My Account'. Select "Order & Invoice" tab and click on the print logo to print the invoice.
You are able to track your parcel from we generated to you.
Yes, you can change your e-mail. Contact us via e-mail at and we will help you to update your account.

Prohibited Item Enquiry

Yes, we do. Kindly click on "Prohibited" to check on the list of prohibited items.
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